Our Services

We have highlighted our key specialist areas below. Please get in touch if you have any questions about what we do and how we might be able to assist with your project.

Resource Consent and Compliance

We have extensive experience working with Resource Management Act processes and providing technical expertise to regional councils, territorial authorities, and the private sector. This includes assisting with and advising environmental compliance processes, from resource consent condition development through to compliance assessment and reporting.

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project management

Project Management And Consultation

We specialise in the project management and coordination of complex multidisciplinary impact assessments, resource consent applications, and technical support to policy development.

We believe that community and iwi consultation is key for the successful development and outcome of many projects, and have significant experience in coordinating and contributing to consultation processes.

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Hearing Commissioner

Aquanet Consulting Ltd offers Dr. Ausseil’s expertise. Dr. Ausseil has completed the Ministry for the Environment’s ‘Making Good Decisions’ programme, he is also an accredited RMA Hearing Commissioner. Dr. Ausseil is available to act as an independent hearing commissioner for both resource consent and plan hearing panels, where the involvement of experienced technical practitioners is required.

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Expert Witness

The Aquanet Team has considerable experience in providing and presenting expert evidence at the Regional Council, District Court, Environment Court, and Board of Inquiry Hearings for resource consent and regional plan processes.

We have also provided technical expertise in several pre-hearings, expert conferencing, and environment court mediation processes.

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Expert Advice and Training

Building on our considerable experience in freshwater ecology and water quality management, we can provide expert advice and training on a variety of freshwater resource management issues and processes, such as:

  • The integration of science in policy development, and in particular the development of scientifically robust and effects-based water quality limits;
  • The catchment-scale management of Non-Point Source pollution, including the development of nutrient allocation frameworks;
  • The design and review of monitoring programs;
  • The role of science and expert witnesses in RMA processes: resource consent applications, compliance/prosecution, council, and environment court hearings, etc.

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Environmental Monitoring

Compliance, state of the environment, and investigations monitoring. Aquanet can provide all, or part, of robust water quality and biological monitoring programmes:

  • Programme design and review
  • Actual monitoring (including biomonitoring, water quality sampling, and flow gaugings)
  • Data analysis and report writing.

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Analysis and Reporting

Aquanet Consulting Ltd offers catchment investigations, state of the environment reporting, data analysis, and synthesis. We can tease the best information out of an existing dataset and produce customised reports within a specific regulatory or research context.

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