Nutrient status of rivers in the Wellington Region

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is in the process of developing technical recommendations to support the Council’s second generation Regional Freshwater Plan. The Council commissioned Aquanet Consulting to provide data analysis and interpretation in relation to the nutrient status of the 56 RSoE freshwater water quality monitoring sitesHere, the term “nutrient status” is intended to include:
  • the overall nutrient richness of the stream/river;
  • the ability of these nutrients to cause algal growth; and
  • the relative abundance of the two main macronutrients, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus(P), in relation to their potential to enhance/limit algal growth.
This report is part of a series of technical reports on the Wellington region’s streams and rivers, destined to inform and support the policy development process.
The final report was released in July 2011. Download a copy of the report here.