Middle Hurunui catchment water quality report

March 2010: Concerns were raised in the late 1990s about the quality of the lower Hurunui River. In November 2005 Environment Canterbury started a monitoring programme focussed on the middle and lower reaches of the Hurunui River. This programme aimed at providing background water quality and river flow data for the middle reaches of the Hurunui River and its main tributaries.

Environment Canterbury commissioned Aquanet Consulting to analyse water quality of the middle Hurunui catchment between SH7 and SH1, and report on the following points:
  • the state of the Hurunui River and its main tributaries;
  • the annual contaminant loads in the Hurunui River;
  • the contribution of the different main tributaries to the measured contaminant loads in the catchment.

The final report was released in March 2010. Request a copy of the report here.