GWRC toxicants workshop

On 2 May 2011 Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) hosted an “expert panel” workshop to discuss stormwater toxicants, particularly in relation to setting limits on these in urban streams and coastal environments.

Six consultants were contracted to provide their expertise for the day:
  • Dr Bruce Williamson (Principal, Diffuse Sources Ltd)
  • Dr Chris Hickey (Principal Scientist – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry, NIWA)
  • Dr Olivier Ausseil (Principal Water Quality Scientist, Aquanet Consulting Ltd)
  • Paul Barter (Senior Marine Biologist, Cawthron)
  • Paul Kennedy (Principal Environmental Scientist, Golder Associates)
  • Dr Shane Kelly (Director, Coast and Catchment Ltd)

A report summarising the workshop was produced. See a copy of the report here.