Environmental Monitoring

Compliance, state of the environment and investigations monitoring: Aquanet can provide all, or part, of a robust water quality and biological monitoring programme:

  • Programme design and review
  • Actual monitoring (including biomonitoring, water quality sampling and flow gaugings),
  • Data analysis and report writing.


Main Projects

Waiwiri Stream Investigations

The Waiwiri Stream is a small, lake-fed stream catchment, located south of Levin, in the Horowhenua District.  The lower reaches of the Waiwiri Stream flow alongside the area, known as "the Pot" where trated wastewater from the Levin wastewater treatment plant is irrigated on to plantation Forestry. 

PNCC Turitea Water Reservoir and Stream Monitoring

The Turitea Water Reservoirs and Water Treatment Plant provide the primary water source for Palmerston North City. Since 2011, Aquanet Consuting has been monitoring water quality and ecological indicators in the Water reservoirs and the Turitea STream upstream and dowsntream of teh dams. The monitoring and reporting has involved:

Whangawehi integrated monitoring

Aquanet Consulting undertakes biological monitoring (periphyton biomass and cover and macroinvertebrate sampling) and reporting in the headwaters of the Whangawehi Stream, within and downstream of the site of the future Mahia Beach wastewater treatment plant and irrigation area.

Silver Fern Farms Manawatu River macroinvertebrate caging study

In March 2010, Aquanet conducted a caging study upstream and downstream of the discharge of treated effluent from the Silver Fern Farms Shannon fellmongery to the Manawatu River.