Expert Advice and Training

Building on our considerable experience in freshwater ecology and water quality management, we can provide expert advice and training on a variety of freshwater resource management issues and processes, such as:
  • The integration of science in policy development, and in particular the development of scientifically robust and effects-based water quality limits;
  • The catchment –scale management of Non-Point Source pollution, including the development of nutrient allocation frameworks;
  • The design and review of monitoring programmes;
  • The role of Science and Expert Witnesses in RMA processes: resource consent applications, compliance/prosecution, council and environment court hearings, etc.
Relevant projects below.

Main Projects

Dr Olivier Ausseil has been engaged by the Waikato and Waipa River Iwi Collective to provide expert advice and input into the Waikato Healthy Rivers Plan Change 1 Process. This work started in 2016 and is ongoing as of September 2018.

Aquanet Consulting was commissioned by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to produce a series of technical reports on recommended water quality limits for the Regional Council’s second generation Regional Plan. A series of four reports are in preparation:

River catchments, and the pressures they face, are an ever changing environment. New or emerging environmental issues, changes in community expectations and the development of new management and policy frameworks all mean that the information requirements of statutory authorities such as the Regional Councils are also constantly evolving.

Building on his experience in undertaking technical assessment of well over 100 resource consent applications and compliance cases, and presenting expert evidence to over 20 Council and Environment Court hearings, Dr Olivier Ausseil provided a full day training session of Horizons Regional Council technical staff.

On 2 May 2011 Greater Wellington Regional Council (Greater Wellington) hosted an “expert panel” workshop to discuss stormwater toxicants, particularly in relation to setting limits on these in urban streams and coastal environments.

Aquanet developed a “Pollution Index” to rank the different types of resource consents for discharges to land and/or water held by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC).

Olivier Ausseil was engaged by Environment Southland as a mentor and peer-reviewer for the preparation of the rivers section of Environment Southland’s “Our Ecosystems” 2010 State of the Environment report, and also directly contributed to sections of the report. Olivier was also a peer-reviewer of Environment Southland’s “Our Health” SoE report.